Digital game Get to know Sofia


To keep up with the trends in the age of digitalization, you need to meet the expectations of modern generations and attract their interest through something new, different, but at the same time useful and educational. Digital game "Get to know Sofia", developed under the project "Virtually increasingly familiar Sofia", implemented by the Foundation "Center for Entrepreneurship and Management Development - Bulgaria" (CEED Bulgaria) with the financial support of the capital municipality - Program "Europe" 2022, is tries to attract followers to the idea, to intrigue the younger ones, to encourage their competitive spirit and to make them get to know the capital in a different way.

The rules of the game are maximally simplified and clear. All you need is desire, motivation and a smartphone, which is an indispensable part of our everyday life anyway. Objects in the game are visualized on a map tied to GPS coordinates. Their visits earn badges that are thematically linked to the ten routes. 

Do not hesitate, enter the race, because the best can be you!

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