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  as desired    Sofia Ring Mall
District:    Okolovrasten pat
Location / GPS:    42.627175017651176, 23.352889598255526
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Pin  AREA 52
AREA 52 is the largest trampoline park in Bulgaria and is the epicenter of entertainment. Trampoline Park AREA 52 has professional competition jumping equipment meeting international standards. It has over 70 trampolines where young and old can enjoy physical activity and choose "their own" challenge.

Visitors decide whether to space dunk, wall run, have a gladiator fight with a friend, jump in a giant air cushion, test their agility with the monkey levers, challenge their endurance and intelligence with an interactive wall, play cage ball or see if they will be able to remain victorious in the "Last Man Standing" arena.

AREA 52 provides both an exciting experience and conditions that comply with international safety standards.