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  according to the chosen occupation    у48 Petar Parcevich St
District:    Center
Location / GPS:    42.69074907460424, 23.320772997181457
Objects nearby:    House-museum of Ivan Lazarov; The Home of Artillery; The Royal Garden; Art installation Saborna; Balkan Bank; Entract 127; Cinema amateur museum
Public object / Private object:    Public object
Pin  Mátzalo
Mátzalo is a studio for painting various ceramic utensils by designs of your own choice. The studio has a wide variety of "raw" ceramic items, as well as ceramic figurines for children. All necessary materials such as paints, brushes, etc. are provided with an additional charge for those supplies.

Prices at Mátzalo depend on the pottery chosen. Each product has an individual price. A wide range of products can be found in the studio, such as cups, plates, bowls, vases, children's figures, salt shakers, candle holders, etc., as well as XXL salad bowls that can be painted in tandem with a friend or family member. In addition to the product itself, the price includes the glaze and baking in a glaze-kiln.

For events (children's parties, hen parties, team buildins, etc.) Mátzalo also provides an experienced assistant - matzalist to demonstrate various techniques and give ideas for the event. Mátzalo also offers great wines, aromatic coffee and tea with pleasant music.

Mátzalo Center - 48 Petar Parcevich St., 1000 Sofia Center, Sofia
Mátzalo Park - Dragan Tsankov Blvd. 12-16, 1164 residential building Lozenets, Sofia