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Statue of the Great Consumption / Statue of vanity

Statue of the Great Consumption / Statue of vanity
  10 min.    Str. "Bratya Miladinovi" 26
District:    Center
Location / GPS:    42.701665427973154, 23.317319826971225
Objects nearby:    The Clock with the Two Towers; The crowned house of Prof. Ivan Gergov; Royal Garden; Graphite "Serdika Tulip"; Graphite "Sunflower"; CLICK
Public object / Private object:    Public object
Pin  Statue of the Great Consumption / Statue of vanity
The Statue of the Great Consumption, better known as the Statue of Vanity, is a small, elegant monument of contemporary art that stands next to a metropolitan parking lot in an inner courtyard on Bratya Miladinovi Street. It resembles the American Statue of Liberty, dressed in a toga and holding a torch in one hand and in the other – a book on which is written the date of the signing of the American Declaration of Independence.

The Statue of Vanity is also dressed in a patterned garment "made" from household waste, but in one hand it holds a smartphone and takes a selfie, and in the other - an advertising brochure with the inscription "Black Friday". Its author is the sculptor Lubomir Mishonov, according to whom the statue is a reflection of the consumer nature of modern society.

The vanity of today's people leads to over-consumption, which provokes over-waste. The statue was made from the waste that the sculptor's family collected in 2 months and equals approximately 15 garbage sacks.

According to the author, people today spend much more time online than in reality. The statue symbolizes namely man's broken connection with reality.