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  according to the chosen occupation    Str. "Kosta Lulchev" 52
District:    Hristo Smirnenski
Location / GPS:    42.680783462779544, 23.36686470448756
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CARVE Indoor Ski, Board & Bar is the first indoor ski and snowboard sports center in Bulgaria. It offers a unique concept that combines the opportunity for year-round training in the most popular winter sports, together with the special atmosphere of a mountain bar and shop, all this near the center of Sofia. The goal is to create a suitable environment for recreating the winter experiences in the mountains. CARVE is a place where winter sports lovers have the opportunity to practice them all year round, meet friends and enjoy competitions and other events.

The innovative indoor ski and snowboard installation is of the "endless descent" type with a height of 9 m, a width of 5 m and a slope of 14 degrees. Its maximum speed is 25 km/h, which feels like about 60 km/h in the mountains. The track is suitable for beginners and advanced, children and adults, and its maximum capacity is of 6 people per training hour. Group training takes place in 3 sessions according to a schedule of 10 minutes of riding, 10 minutes of rest. In individual trainings, the trainee is alone on the track through the 3 sessions of 10 minutes each, and the instructor's attention is solely on them. When renting the entire track for 1 hour, the trainees determine themselves the intensity of training and rest, and no other trainees are allowed on the track within this hour. Skiers and snowboarders are looked after by certified instructors who have graduated from a special course for working with installations of the "endless descent" type.