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Dali Vino Art Gallery

Dali Vino Art Gallery
  according to the purpose of the visit    bul. "Al. Stamboliyski" 84/86
District:    Center
Location / GPS:    42.69904483919569, 23.308481426017774
Objects nearby:    The clock with the two towers
Public object / Private object:    For more information, visit the site
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The history of Dali Vino began with the opening of the first site in Sofia in October 2018. The name combines the surname of one of the greatest artists (Salvador Dali) and the "drink of the gods". Dali Vino is an art gallery for painting and organizes events where pre-selected paintings are painted by an artist who gives the necessary instructions and recommendations for the participants to create a personal masterpiece.

On the Dali Vino website, you have the opportunity to choose a favorite picture to paint in the company of your choice, according to the available schedules of the different locations. The gallery provides all art materials and a glass of wine, as well as a time of approximately 3 hours to complete the painting. It is no coincidence that the art studio for drawing has the motto "Uncork your creativity." Objects:

Dali Vino Center, Sofia, "Al. Stamboliyski" 84/86, Office building Urban Model
Dali Vino Van Gogh, Sofia, Vincent van Gogh St. 7"