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The house with the clock

The house with the clock
  15 min.    Moskovska Street 23
Neighborhood:    Center
Location / GPS:    42.69711783065632, 23.32865813273779
Objects nearby:    The Royal Garden
Public object / Private object:    Restaurant + external access to the building
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The house with the clock was built immediately after the Liberation, in 1879 and has long been known for the restaurant of the same name. Her Royal Highness Princess Catherine of Parma and Savoy, cousin of Tsar Boris III, lived in the Clock House until 1941 at the invitation of the Bulgarian royal family. The building and the current restaurant still offer a magical atmosphere - a mixture of continental sophistication and modern luxury, which was felt even when you accidentally walk along the sidewalk. From the quiet garden of Moskovska, guests remain hidden behind old trees above the tables against the backdrop of a private home from the late 19th century; the spacious interior of the restaurant, sparingly decorated with antiques. The restaurant was opened in 1998, after the restoration of the house in 1997, which is one of the first projects under the "Beautiful Bulgaria" program.

To this day, Moskovska 15 delicately preserves the spirit of the place it inhabits, but offers a new, much more modern feeling to its guests.

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