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Water Tower – Lozenets

Water Tower – Lozenets
Neighborhood:    Lozenets
Location / GPS:    42.672974749413186, 23.32623634021793
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„Water Tower – Lozenets“ is one of the lesser-known architectural landmarks in Sofia, located on Galichitsa Street - one of the highest points (610.40 meters) in Lozenets district. It is surrounded by tall trees and hides behind a veil of luscious wild vine.

In the past, the tower is performed an important function related to water supply, guaranteeing constant pressure in the water supply systems to all points of Lozenets on the principle of connected vessels. The project is work of Engineer Salbach. It currently houses the +359 Gallery of Contemporary Art, which provokes the interest of visual arts lovers.

The height of the tower is 27 meters. The external walls are made of bricks, while the hexagonal pillar in the middle of the facility, which also carries the reservoir with a volume of 100 cubic meters, the slabs and the roof are made of reinforced concrete. The building also impresses with its architectural details. The main entrance is formed by two columns and a triangular pediment. The interior staircase, winding around the hexagonal pillar is with carefully shaped stone steps and railing of iron and wood, so as not to yield in elegance to the stairs in residential buildings of the same period. The staircase connects the four levels, which today are the various exhibition "halls" and gradually leads to the last landing, where there is a terrace with a magnificent view of Vitosha. There is a small tower on the roof with narrow windows that reveal a 360-degree view.