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The observatory in Borisova Garden

The observatory in Borisova Garden
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Neighborhood:    Center
Location / GPS:    (42.68206079463861, 23.344627940189532)
Objects nearby:    Swimming pool Maria Louiza
Public object / Private object:    Public object, with prior request
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The Astronomical Observatory, located in Boris's Garden, is the first in Bulgaria and one of the first on the Balkan Peninsula. It was established in 1894 on the initiative of Prof. Marin Bachvarov. Its main goal is educational for the purposes of the Department of Astronomy at the Faculty of Physics of Sofia University. Thus began the construction of the Astronomical Observatory outside Sofia in the immediate vicinity of the current pool "Maria Louisa". Then today's Boris Garden is a pasture in the village of Slatina, which reached the Eagle Bridge. The old building and the large dome were completed in 1897, 30 years before the foundations of the Rectorate were laid.

For several years, Prof. Bachevarov supplied many astronomical instruments, the most important of which was the Grubb equatorial telescope, with a 6-inch (15.2 cm) lens. This is the first telescope on a permanent foundation in Bulgaria. Since 1897 it has been used for the purposes of teaching astronomy at the University. The telescope is still usable today, it was restored in 2004. Today, for the purposes of teaching bachelor's and master's programs in astronomy, the observatory is equipped with modern tools - telescopes, CCD-camera, spectrograph and more.

In addition to the paid visits to the Observatory, the Department of Astronomy at Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski ”organizes many promotional events with admission, such as a weekly astronomy club, astronomy evenings and more.

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