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The home of Moscow

The home of Moscow
  15 min.    92 Georgi S. Rakovski Street
Neighborhood:    Center
Location / GPS:    (42.69631975480666, 23.329770882993685)
Objects nearby:    Patriarchal Cathedral "St. Al. Nevsky ”, the Cooperative Palace, the Military Club, the Watchtower behind the Military Club
Public object / Private object:    Private object
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The building of the Russian Imperial Diplomatic Mission - today the Moscow Cultural and Business Center "House of Moscow in Sofia" - is located on what is considered the highest place in the center of Sofia. Past and present meet in a beautiful building at the crossroads of the capital's Rakovski and Moskovska streets. Its appearance is typical of the late 19th century architectural style, and the interior of the building is unique. The building is registered as a valuable architectural monument of national importance. The building was built more than 120 years ago. Its foundations were laid on April 20, 1880. This is the third most important building built in Sofia after the Liberation.

In the time of Prince Alexander Battenberg, when the foundations of the Bulgarian statehood were laid and the first international relations of free Bulgaria with the world were established. The building is one of the few in Sofia that has preserved its original exterior and interior, architecture and interior. It is interesting to learn that in the beginning the building was both an embassy and a residential building. The first Russian ambassador to Bulgaria, Alexander Petrovich Davidov, was also the first foreign diplomat to present his credentials to Prince Alexander Battenberg.

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